Engineering cell therapies for solid organs

Unlocking new treatments for patients with serious disease.

We believe living cells are the next frontier in medicine. Our Satellite™ organ platform turns living cells into a new class of treatments that will shepherd a new era of what’s possible in regenerative medicine.

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A breakthrough for delivering cells into the body

There are hundreds of cell types that make up the human body—each one a potential medicine. The vast majority can’t be delivered effectively into the body for therapeutic benefits.

Through a combination of biological inspiration, innovative engineering, and medicine, we’ve created a new solution for using living cells inside the body to treat serious diseases.

We call them satellite organs. They bridge the gap between therapeutic cells and the patients who need them.

Greater than the sum of our parts

We’re more than physicians, scientists, and engineers. We’re a collaborative team breaking down barriers that stand in the way of solving problems for patients.

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    Working across disciplines

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    Innovating in service of patients in need

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    Delivering transformative solutions for serious diseases

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We are home to scientists, physicians, engineers, and inventors who believe in working collectively to break down the barriers that stand in the way of improving human health.

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